Privacy4Cars  is the first and only technology company focused on  identifying and resolving data privacy issues across the automotive ecosystem. Our mission, Driving Privacy, means offering a suite of services to expand protections for individuals and companies alike, by focusing on privacy, safety, security, and compliance.


In 2014, our founder, Andrea Amico, authored the first statistical study on how frequently and what kind of data is left in rental and for-sale vehicles. It was while completing the project that he realized how extremely common it was for drivers and occupants to leave – and unknowingly grant others access to – highly detailed digital footprints of personal information in vehicles they no longer owned or controlled. He also realized that companies were putting themselves at risk of violating a budding and increasingly complex web of local and global privacy and data security compliance regulations.

The idea of a solution to resolve these data privacy issues for consumers and businesses sparked, and Privacy4Cars was born.

The first problem we solved was simplifying the deletion of data. We created a robust and auditable process to quickly and efficiently delete personal information stored in vehicles (a legal requirement in many jurisdictions) as a result of users connecting their phones to vehicle infotainment systems, using the navigation systems or universal garage door openers (to know what data is often found in cars, click here.) We spent years painstakingly building our proprietary and extensive database of detailed, graphical, easy-to-use instructions covering hundreds of millions of vehicles, and offered it for free to consumers via our namesake Privacy4Cars App in 2018 (currently available in the App Store and on Google Play.)

Privacy4Cars would eventually evolve into the leading industrial B2B data privacy solution for the automotive industry, serving many of the top players in the vehicle ecosystem who rely on our turnkey platform, the first and only of its kind, to ensure process rigor, sophisticated records management, and certified warranties. Our leading-edge research in the vehicle privacy space also routinely identifies and offers solutions to serious privacy, cybersecurity and legal issues affecting many companies (to see some examples of our disclosures, click here.)

Today, Privacy4Cars is ‘Driving Privacy’ by working with international clients that manage the sale of over 20 million vehicles annually, setting safety nets and developing protections to improve customer experience and data governance on a global scale.


Andrea Amico is the founder of Privacy4Cars, the first privacy-tech company focused on identifying the challenges posed by vehicle data, and creating solutions to better protect consumers. The nation’s leading expert in vehicle privacy and cybersecurity, Amico, his research, and his groundbreaking work on Privacy4Cars are often featured by national media, including ABC News, NBC News, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and NPR, as well as specialized trades in cybersecurity, legal, and automotive industries.

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Open Roles


Andrea Amico
Andrea AmicoFounder and CEO
  • Renowned expert & speaker on vehicle privacy & security (featured in 100+ media outlets globally)
  • Compliance Co-Chair at International Automotive Remarketing Association
  • Granted 2 patents in AI/ML/CV for auto
  • Author of “CarsBlues” a Bluetooth infotainment hack; Auto-ISAC partner
  • 8yrs. President of Jack Cooper Logistics – $60m intl. automotive service company
  • 2 yrs. six-sigma ops at NBC Universal/GE
  • 6 yrs. at McKinsey, EU and USA
James Bronstein
James BronsteinCFO
  • 20+ years in finance, tech, consulting
  • Managing Director/Global Head of Capital Governance & Optimization for Citigroup (responsible for returning over $60 Billion in capital to shareholders)
  • 10+ years in regulatory compliance advising
  • 10+ years Deloitte, PWC, Booz & Co. consulting
  • 3 yrs. technology Investment Banking
  • 3 yrs. tech strategy in Silicon Valley
  • Columbia MBA
Aashish Patil
Aashish PatilProduct Development
  • Lead P4C PM and developer for 5 years
  • Google Professional Data Engineer, Cloud Architect, & Cloud Developer
  • Java, Android, iOS, SQL, JSP, XML, Linux
  • BE Electronics & Comm; C-DAC sw dev
Michele Pierog
Michele PierogVP B2B Partnerships
  • Business development specialist
  • Deep expertise in the vehicle wholesale sector with large national consignors and in the retail sector in the North East
Open Role Location Function
Backend developer India – Remote Development
Infotainment specialist India – Remote Development
Field Operations Support US – California Operations
Field Operations Support US – Georgia Operations
Field Operations Support US – Texas Operations
Internal Legal Counsel / Head of Regulatory Research US – Remote Legal
Head of Marketing and Communications US – Remote Marketing
Communications / Social Media Manager US – Remote Marketing
Head of Field Operations and Customer Success US – Remote Operations
Customer Success Manager US – Remote Operations
Head of Products US – Remote Development
Product Line Manager US – Remote Development