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Dealerships, United States and Canada

“Kick Privacy into High Gear: Privacy Risks and Opportunities for Dealerships“

Workshop recorded for the Auto Intel Summit 2021, where Privacy4VCars was recognized as an “Emerging8”: one of the top eight innovative fintech companies in auto finance:
  • How can dealers turn privacy from a compliance headache to a source of value?
  • With the cost of the first lawsuits in the mid 6-figures, dealerships and dealer principles likely face significant exposure due to the reams of personal information stored in their vehicles for sale
  • A mystery shopping study performed by Privacy4Cars in the winter of 2020 shows that 2/3 of dealerships don’t have a compliance policy around the PII stored in cars, and the 1/3 who do fail regularly to meet their own requirements
  • Additionally, dealer personnel often misunderstand how new vehicle technologies work, possibly raising risk of unfair and deceptive representation of the product
  • On the other side, a survey of over 500 consumers who recently purchased a vehicle shows that consumers are looking at dealers as possible sources of help and protection – and are interested in a variety of data protection and privacy services

United States Auto Finance, Dealerships, and Fleets

“New Privacy Risks from Failing to Delete Electronically Compiled Consumer Information from Vehicles“

Workshop recorded for the National Auto Finance 2020 Conference with Randy Henrick, a recognized expert on compliance for dealerships and auto finance and founding partner of Henrick and Associates, and Andrea Amico, Founder of Privacy4Cars:
  • Vehicles capture large amounts of personal information, putting Auto Finance, Dealerships, and Fleets at regulatory and litigation risk
  • UDAP laws (State and Federal), Data Security Laws, and Privacy Laws create a multi-tiered risk potential of $500-$43,225 per vehicle! This excludes legal, business disruption, and reputation damage costs
  • Henrick draws on his vast expertise (including authoring multiple publications on compliance for NADA and leading for years the compliance education program for DealerTrack) and recommends ways to mitigate the technical and legal challenges created by modern vehicles in this area
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Canada OEMs, Auto Finance, Dealerships, and Fleets

“Je Me Souviens: Automotive Data left in cars and PIPEDA”

Workshop recorded for AutoRemarketing Canada 2020 Conference. Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico is joined by Professor Rajen Akalu, one of Canada’s utmost experts on privacy regulations and connected vehicles, to explain how PIPEDA and other regulations apply to Canadian automotive businesses when it comes to the personal information captured by vehicles:
  • Legal frameworks and precedents, including action from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada are analyzed
  • The particular case of vehicle remarketing is addressed, with consignors and manufacturers carrying the largest share of the risk
  • The workshop closes with a list of actions remarketers can take
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