Vehicles Are Databases On Wheels Of Personal Information

Information routinely left in today’s cars:



Call Logs

ID’s & Biometrics

Text Messages

Medical & Financial Info

Navigation History

User’s Profiles

Home Address

3rd Party Apps

Garage Door Codes

Vehicle Credentials


Top Vehicle Data Forensic Expert Describes What Your Car Reveals About You

Clip from “Forensic Lunch” with BERLA founder Ben LeMere

  • The founder of BERLA, the world’s leading vehicle forensic tool used by law enforcement and businesses to extract and investigate data collected by and stored in vehicles, discusses what data is routinely found in vehicles
  • DISCLAIMER: in this video, privacy and confidentiality of information is made a laughing matter. Privacy4Cars does not support these views. In fact, we believe the 2015 Driver Privacy Act protections awarded to the Electronic Data Recorder (EDR, or the “black box” installed in many vehicles) should be extended to all vehicle systems

Modern Vehicles: Data Vacuums on Wheels

Information Security Media Group Interview with Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico

  • Privacy4CCars founder Andrea Amico sat down with Managing Editor for Security and Technology Jeremy Kirk of ISMG
  • What data is in vehicles, what legal challenges this data poses, what risks consumers a re facing, and what actions need to be taken to secure this Personal Information were discussed in this taping
  • Go to Information Security Media Group’s website to watch the interview and read the article

Data/Privacy Breaches have been the most common cybersecurity threat against automotive companies in the last decade

  • Control or manipulation of car systems is getting all the attention but accounted for only ~1/4 of incidents!
  • Data/Privacy breach is growing: was 36% of incidents in 2020
  • Criminals value more the data collected by automotive companies than the vehicles themselves!

Cars Are “The Third Screen” (after computers and smartphones)

  • Largest untapped user data source… until recently:

  • The car is a browser in the real world

  • 1-2 hours per day that cannot be spent in front of a computer or a phone

  • Growing number of tech companies competing to get access to vehicle data



Onboard Computers



Million Lines
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