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CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act

Resources for California residents and companies in the Automotive space

Starting on January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act came into effect. This law grants California residents a number of rights to protect their privacy. Although this law was not designed specifically for vehicles, the collection of Personal Information done by companies in the automotive industry, including by the vehicle systems and through the connection of the phone or of the telematics is in the scope of the law.

Both California residents and companies (with at least $25 million of revenue or 50,000 consumer records) who do business with at least ONE California resident should be aware of the changes this regulation introduces. The full text of the law can be found here and the homepage of the Californians For Consumer Privacy can be found here. Vehicle manufacturers are also subject to the California Information Privacy of Connected Devices Act which can be found here.

CCPA grants California residents several rights, including to request what Personal Information a business has about them, to opt out of the sale of their Personal Information (with “sale” broadly defined to include disclosure to or sharing with third parties), and to request their Personal Information is deleted. Companies that do not comply or do not respond to requests in 45 days could face fines from the Attorney General for thousands of dollars per instance. In addition, the law provides consumers with a private right of action (including class action suits) against companies.

Those rights extend beyond the California borders! Renting a car out of state? Getting in a total loss accident, or having your vehicle repossessed while outside of California? Using the infotainment, hands-free, or that help button while on a road trip? All those examples (and many more) may fall under CCPA compliance – making this a de-facto national law for many companies in the auto space.

Companies in automotive-related industries (dealers, auto financers and insurers, fleets and FMCs, vehicle auctions and wholesalers, etc.) interested in knowing how CCPA may apply to them can request our FREE guide by contacting us at info@Privacy4Cars.com.

Consumers interested in placing a data request can do so themselves by following the links below, organized by company type, or give Privacy4Cars Power Of Attorney so we can place a request on your behalf. Your Personal Information may have been shared with several companies, many of them B2B and not transparent about what auto data they transact. We have a list of hundreds of companies and we will be waiving all fees for 1Q2020. You can place a FREE request by sending us an email at info@Privacy4Cars.com.

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