Privacy4Cars is the first and only technology company focused on identifying and resolving data privacy issues across the automotive ecosystem and creating reasonable protections for drivers and passengers.

36% of automotive cybersecurity incidents are due to privacy/data breaches

Privacy4Cars can reduce your data footprint, provide guaranteed identity theft protection for your household and empower you to notify corporations of your right to demand they delete your data.

Delete Your Personal Data

Delete your data before selling your vehicle, returning a lease, or dropping off a rental or carshare

Easily delete your Personal Information from Vehicles. Download the Privacy4Cars app for FREE:
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Safeguard Your Identity

Get peace of mind with our ID theft protection program. Get it on the App or at participating dealers

Defend your family with P4C data theft protection
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Assert Your Data Rights

Take control of your digital footprint. Many companies may have your car data, reduce your risk with our help

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