Assert Your Data Rights

Companies may have collected data from your car:

  • Geolocation and your detailed whereabouts (home, office, schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Biometrics including voice recordings, face and eye tracking, weight, and camera recordings
  • Driver behavior and detailed profiling of users, including collected or inferred protected categories of data (age, race, wealth, religion, etc.)

You have the right to prevent companies from using your data:

  • You may have inadvertently consented to the collection, use, and sharing of this data including with insurance companies and data brokers
  • Exercising your rights, such as the right to deletion and do-not-sell can be extremely time consuming and complex
  • Most companies with this data are B2B and unknown to most consumers

Privacy4Cars can help you assert your data rights:

  • We identify companies who use and share data collected from your vehicle
  • Save time and gain piece of mind: Fill out a request and let us do the work for you
  • Reducing your vehicle data footprint can protect you from advertisers, insurance profiling, data breaches and even stalkers, fraudsters or thieves

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Attention California Residents

Learn how to protect your data with CCPA:
California Consumer Protection Act

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