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Assert Your Data Rights


Assert Your Data Rights
Assert Your Data Rights2023-12-20T18:45:07+00:00

Assert Your Data Rights

Companies may have collected data from your car:

  • Geolocation and your detailed whereabouts (home, office, schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Biometrics including voice recordings, face and eye tracking, weight, and camera recordings
  • Driver behavior and detailed profiling of users, including collected or inferred protected categories of data (age, race, wealth, religion, etc.)

You have the right to prevent companies from using your data:

  • You may have inadvertently consented to the collection, use, and sharing of this data including with insurance companies and data brokers
  • Exercising your rights, such as the right to deletion and do-not-sell can be extremely time consuming and complex
  • Most companies with this data are B2B and unknown to most consumers

Privacy4Cars can help you assert your data rights:

  • We identify companies who use and share data collected from your vehicle
  • Save time and gain piece of mind: Fill out a request and let us do the work for you
  • Reducing your vehicle data footprint can protect you from advertisers, insurance profiling, data breaches and even stalkers, fraudsters or thieves

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the term “Connected Services/Connected Vehicle”?2021-09-02T19:53:54+00:00
A Connected Vehicle simply means that it is connected to the internet and Telematics cloud services. As vehicles are packed with more and more technology, the automobile industry is rapidly transforming toward the digitization that has revolutionized other industries. The average connected car already contains more than 100 million lines of code, numerous wireless connections (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular) and multiple on-board computers (e.g., ECUs, TCUs, Infotainment). Most new vehicles are now shipped with smart, connected technologies. Gartner predicts that a staggering 250 million automobiles with data connectivity will be on the road by 2020. For a more detailed understanding of connected technologies, please refer to
What does enrolling/registering into the connected services mean?2021-09-02T19:55:02+00:00
If you have enrolled to connected services (thru TCU) then you will get benefits of the features like Remote operations (lock/unlock, start/stop of vehicle through a mobile app for example), Usage-based Insurance (UBI), Vehicle Health report, Stolen vehicle locator services, Market application features, Driver behavior tracking, Vehicle Analytics, Off-Roading/Geolocation based apps, SOS/crash alerts, Vehicle notifications etc. Unfortunately this information can be used not only by companies in ways that you may have not understood, but also by criminals.
Why do you need to collect my personal information in your form?2021-09-02T19:15:47+00:00
By filling this form, you are appointing us to assert your rights on your behalf with several companies. We attempt to collect from you the minimum amount of personal information needed to help companies identify your account so they know whose personal information they need to delete.
Will you sell my personal information?2021-09-03T12:21:54+00:00

No, we do not. We will share your information only with third parties that we reasonably believe may have your data to initiate a data request.

Please note: For privacy and security reasons, Privacy4Cars will not request a copy of the personal information that a business may have collected about you.
What kind of data does my vehicle capture?2021-09-02T19:41:54+00:00
Is this service provided for free?2021-09-02T19:42:37+00:00
Yes, we currently offer this service for free. We are working on the beta stage of the project and gathering consumer feedback about how beneficial this service is, user interests, process capture and to improve our process for complete end-to-end development and automation.
Why do I need your “Assert Your Data Rights” service?2021-09-03T12:18:56+00:00
According to automotive cybersecurity firm Upstream, theft and breaches of personal information (PI) are the #1 most frequent cybersecurity accident affecting automotive companies (it has even surpassed hacking of car keys, an all-time favorite activity of automotive criminals). We currently track hundreds of companies that collect, share, and broker automotive-generated personal information. The best defense against data breaches is to reduce your digital footprint. At minimum, we expect lessened targeting from these companies. At best, you can prevent being the victim of identity theft or worse: vehicle theft, home invasions, and stalking (through new technologies) are unfortunately increasing – even the vehicle manufacturers have started to issue warnings!
In what regions are we providing this service?2021-09-02T19:44:06+00:00
At this time, we provide this service in the US, Canada and the European Union. We hope to expand to other geographies soon.
Do you cover the California CCPA and European GDPR?2021-09-03T12:08:50+00:00
Yes, and not only! Privacy4Cars California LLC is registered in California (Reg, #2021079105) for the purpose of acting as a third-party CCPA request processor. Privacy4Cars Inc. will act as the request processor for other geographies and jurisdictions as well. In the rest of the US there are many other laws that protect consumers (
How does the “Assert Your Data Rights” service work?2021-09-03T12:15:12+00:00

Pursuant to the laws of the state a Requestor can designate Privacy4Cars as their authorized agent to submit the following requests on their behalf:

a)  Request to access information regarding their personal information (e.g., what classes of information was collected, shared, with whom, etc.)
b)  Request to delete their personal information
c)  Request to not sell their personal information (as defined in the respective state law)
What information are you asking for in the form?2021-09-03T12:12:48+00:00
a)  Tell us for which vehicles you want us to act on your behalf.
b)  Help us prove that you are the person with the legal legitimate interest in the data.
c)  Appoint us as your agent for filing these requests.
How many companies does Privacy4Cars track to help consumers to protect their privacy?2021-09-03T12:20:23+00:00
We currently track hundreds of companies such as OEMs, service providers, and data brokers, that collect, share, and sell data collected from vehicles. Despite the often strong statements from them about privacy and how this data is anonymized and protected, the reality is often quite different. For example, there is a leading vehicle data broker that makes very strong privacy statements, but in reality sells the detailed geolocation of millions of vehicles, making it easy to re-identify people and track their whereabouts, including where they live, work, which churches and hospitals they go to, where they drop off the kids to school and playdates, etc.
How does your car collect data from you?2021-09-02T19:52:43+00:00
The car collects data directly through its sensors or from the connected smartphone devices (through Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi). This data may be transmitted in real or near-real time to many parties through the vehicle’s Telematics control unit (TCU) (almost all newly manufactured vehicles have one). Data can also be exfiltrated or transmitted in other ways, e.g. when you bring your vehicle for service, or when you sign up for certain services.

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