Data Left in Vehicles is Highly Noticeable by Consumers

% of Consumers Who Found Personal Data During A Dealership Test Drive

Dealerships Focused on Privacy Reduce Legal Risk, Build Customer Loyalty, and Improve Sales

Consumer Perception Plummets When Personal Data is Found in Cars

% Effect of Personal Information Found In Cars On Net Promoter Score (NPS*)

When data is found consumers switch from being promoters to detractors of your brand

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Privacy4Cars enables dealerships to reduce their legal exposure while delivering peace of mind to their customers.

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the percentage of customers rating their likelihood to recommend a company, a product, or a service as 9 or 10 (“promoters”) minus the percentage rating this at 6 or below (“detractors”) on a scale from 0 to 10. Respondents who provide a score of 7 or 8 are referred to as “passives” and enter into the overall percentage calculation. The result of the calculation is expressed without the percentage sign.

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Quotes from Mystery Shoppers

“The information I received from the dealership was indeed inaccurate, and in many cases unethical. I cannot trust it.”

“I hate being lied to. I find that men especially find it easy to take advantage of women in this way and it drives me crazy. I have a Master’s degree a consider myself a smart consumer. I will not deal twice with a company that deals that way with me.”

“My private information is available for anyone to see and copy.”

“This is a brand I would have usually been interested in purchasing. However, I am not confident in the salesperson’s answers to evidence that was seen in the brand vehicle’s navigation system left by the last owner.”

“Based on the salesperson’s answers about privacy, then I don’t have enough knowledge to keep me from returning one way or another.”

“Why would I give away my personal information?  I don’t even answer the phone from a number I don’t know. I value my privacy.”

“I’m getting mixed messages. I’m not sure if there is anything that can protect my privacy. Seeing the last owner’s home address and routine navigational routes scared me and really made me realize there is a problem.”

“I had never thought about it much but now it’s seems very important that the privacy is protected both in the computer in the car and from the computer in the dealership.”

NIADA rates Privacy as the #2 Regulatory Risk for Dealers (after Recalls)

Growing state and federal regulatory enforcement with fines up to $40,000 per vehicle plus legal fees

Growing state and federal regulatory enforcement with fines up to $40,000 per vehicle plus legal fees

70-95% of vehicles on consignor lots contain personal data subject to legal and regulatory risk

Privacy Builds Customer Loyalty and Brand Value

93% of Americans would switch to a company that prioritizes data privacy

33% of Americans believe it’s worth spending more money with companies that prioritize data privacy

Consumers view companies that do not offer data privacy as being untrustworthy (59%) or unethical (44%)

Personal Data Stored On Vehicles is a Quickly-Growing Regulatory and Consumer Priority

Privacy4Cars makes it easy to delete synched personal data

Privacy4Cars provides VIN-specific instructions

Privacy4Cars provides a detailed record and certification

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with, and distrustful of, how companies safeguard their personal data against misuse and theft.


of consumers in the U.S. believe privacy is a human right.


of consumers in the U.S. believe companies have a responsibility to protect their personal information


of U.S. consumers believe all U.S. citizens should have the right to delete their personal data

Dealerships must take steps NOW to keep pace with consumer expectations!