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This paper provides a detailed analysis of the Rule update and its effect on auto service providers, and specifically focuses on how to safeguard the Personal Information (including sensitive geolocation and phone data) that is frequently stored in vehicles service providers support: lease returns, loaners, trades, etc.

“Deleting Consumer PI Stored in Vehicles: Service Provider Guidelines”

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Privacy4Cars is a standardized, turnkey solution to help Auctions, Inspection companies, and other service providers delete personal data to meet customer needs, minimize your risk, and generate a new revenue stream.

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“We use Privacy4Cars and it has helped us tremendously.”

– National Automotive Financial

“Smart product and very timely, given the State regulations’ changes”

– Dealership chain

“Great idea: privacy is a critical issue for us.”

– Fleet management company

“Now there is a way auctions, dealers and fleet managers can have detail-level cleaning of a vehicle’s technology system.”

– AutoRemarketing

“We send the AutoIMS logs to our internal auditing to prove our remarketing process is in compliance.”

– Captive Finance

“A more business-friendly method of cleaning things up, including creating a compliance record. Tech like this will become less and less optional.”

– Car&Driver

With a P4C license, businesses can resell deletion services

Service provider can offer customers a guarantee with a certification

Inspection companies and auditors are now requiring proof of data deletion

Why you should DEMAND Privacy4Cars

Personal information stored in vehicles is a raising compliance and reputational risk due to legal liability and operational complexity

Privacy4Cars makes it easy to delete all synched personal data

Privacy4Cars provides VIN-specific instructions

Privacy4Cars provides a detailed record and certification

Personal Information left in a Vehicle Creates the Risk of Lawsuits and Regulatory Fines

State privacy, UDAP, and data security laws apply to personal data collected and stored in vehicles

Data rights extend to rentals, repossessed vehicles and roadside assistance services

Companies could face regulatory fines up to $40,000 per vehicle

Removing Personal Information Reduces Security and Privacy Vulnerabilities

Personal data stored in vehicles is vulnerable to unauthorized access by 3rd parties

Data stored in vehicles can include very personal information about the driver(s)

These risks can be reduced by deleting personal data – you don’t need to protect data you don’t have!

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