The Privacy4Cars “Trade-In Peace of Mind” Program

Make your dealership stand out with our premium privacy and security service designed specifically for vehicle sellers and end-of-lease customers

Learn how you can attract more trades and lease returns while protecting your business

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Offer Your Customers Privacy4Cars’ Triple Protection for Their Trade


Issue a certificate proving that your dealership cleared the personal information stored in the vehicle (navigation history, garage codes, texts, call logs, contacts and much more).

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Disconnecting active subscriptions and accounts with the OEM and SiriusXM is a nightmare. We work on behalf of your customers to protect them – and you!

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Safeguard your customers with Privacy4Cars’ Identity Protection Program including monitoring and recovery for 1 full year after vehicle grounding.

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How It Works

Your dealership gives the consumer their deletion certificate (email or print it and put it in the deal jacket)

Your customer downloads the Privacy4Cars app and enters the activation code

Your customer follows the prompts to start their ID Theft Protection and get our help in disconnecting SiriusXM ,the OEM account, and OEM connected services

When you offer the Privacy4Cars “Trade-In Peace of Mind” Program you also protect your dealership:

Get detailed compliance records of what data was deleted from each vehicle, when, and by whom

With access to the DMS, P4C sends you daily emails with the inventory cleared and what remains in the queue to be cleared

Increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty by exhibiting concern over protecting customer’s personal data

Most trade-ins and lease returns contain your customers’ and their family’s personal information



of all cyber attacks against automotive companies are privacy/data breaches


of Americans have now experienced identity theft


number of complaints filed with Federal Trade Commission on ID theft since 2020


Average hours needed to recover identity to pre-theft status

NIADA rates Privacy as the #2 Regulatory Risk for Dealers (after Recalls)

Growing state and federal regulatory enforcement with fines up to $40,000 per vehicle plus legal fees

Growing state and federal regulatory enforcement with fines up to $40,000 per vehicle plus legal fees

70-95% of vehicles on consignor lots contain personal data subject to legal and regulatory risk

Privacy Builds Customer Loyalty and Brand Value

93% of Americans would switch to a company that prioritizes data privacy

33% of Americans believe it’s worth spending more money with companies that prioritize data privacy

Consumers view companies that do not offer data privacy as being untrustworthy (59%) or unethical (44%)

Personal Data Stored On Vehicles is a Quickly-Growing Regulatory and Consumer Priority

Privacy4Cars makes it easy to delete synched personal data

Privacy4Cars provides VIN-specific instructions

Privacy4Cars provides a detailed record and certification

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with, and distrustful of, how companies safeguard their personal data against misuse and theft.


of consumers in the U.S. believe privacy is a human right.


of consumers in the U.S. believe companies have a responsibility to protect their personal information


of U.S. consumers believe all U.S. citizens should have the right to delete their personal data

Dealerships must take steps NOW to keep pace with consumer expectations!